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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    We won!

    I was a visitor in Carmel, CA and was issued a DUI on a Saturday eve. While I felt that I was treated unfairly and did not deserve the DUI, I asked family friends in the area and was told that while you can spend the money and time to go to trial, the outcome is almost never in favor of the accused. While Tom thought I had a chance, I honestly did not.

    My brother convinced me to go to trial and when they read the verdict that I was found not guilty, I was in shock. Tom did a great job, knew exactly what he was doing, and also played role of friend and supportive father figure during the trial to help ease my stress and make it the least unpleasant experience possible.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    All Lawyers are not Equal

    After being charged with DUI by the over zealous Pacific Grove CA Police Department in 2004, I hired a lawyer acquaintance of my wife’s, and was told by him that 99% of DUI cases are proven guilty, and that there was no point in challenging the charges. I was offered a basic price $2500 to walk me through the process and make sure I got the best outcome – but that ultimately “Guilty” would be the result, and it would be a waste of money (required) to fight the charges.

    Although I felt I had a reasonable case to challenge the charges, I took this attorney’s advice, wrote a fat check and decided to just have him take care of the details. But that didn’t happen. After he cashed my check he did not even show up to my DMV hearing, and I lost my license. I realized that this firm was really not representing me, but instead just going through the motions to make easy money taking a big fee to process some paperwork. I felt frustrated and exploited.

    After this, I did the research I should have in the first place, and learned that Tom Nash was attorney I needed. I hired Tom to take a look at my case, and then fired the old firm (which was quite a fiasco). Although they initially stated my fee was non-refundable, a call from Tom Nash cleared that up.

    Tom told me he would give me an honest evaluation of my case, and regardless of it’s merit, he would help me get through it. I remember watching him read the police report to the end, look up at me and say, “I like it”. He then discussed the details of what had happened that night. He asked for every detail, and he listened carefully to everything I recounted. Ultimately, this enabled him to demonstrate, in court, through a series of diagrams, logic and corroborating answers by the officer Tom questioned, that there was no basis for my being arrested and charged with DUI. The judge agreed, and threw out the case, and charges were dropped. A tremendous weight was lifted from my life that day.

    I learned two valuable lessons: 1) Don’t drink and drive, and 2) Hire the right lawyer.

    Thank you, Tom Nash!

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    Posted by a client


    In 2013 I was looking at a fairly solid felony DUI conviction. Tom not only got my sentence reduced to a misdemeanor, but held my hand and kept me believing and strong during the worst 9 months of my life. I will never forget the judge looking at me, pointing to Tom, and saying “you owe THIS guy big time!” Tom is a formidable presence in and out of the courtroom and his many years of understanding the legal system,especially the “slippery slope” of DUI’s, really were impressive. I am forever grateful to him!

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    Posted by a client

    Experienced Professional

    If you’ve received an alcohol charge in Monterey County Tom Nash is the best advocate to have on your side. I received a DUI charge in Monterey after refusing the BAC tests. The first attorney I retained just told me how foolish I was to refuse and how he could have gotten me the minimum penalties since it was my first offense. Since I truly believed in my innocence I determined that wasn’t good enough and so I called Tom Nash. Tom said he’d fight the charge with me as vigorously as possible. We took it all the way up to the day before trial and the Prosecutor’s office called and dropped all of the alcohol related charges if we’d settle for a dry/reckless. Tom even got that expunged from my record a few years later at no charge. Needless to say, I highly recommend Tom Nash if you are looking for an attorney who will go at the other side full force.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Rodav


    I am a nursing student. A couple years back, I was charged with a DUI, in the City of Marina. I was treated unfairly by “one” of the responding officers (Officer Canty) and sent to jail, for the FIRST and only time in my life.
    EVERY lawyer I contacted, in attempt to rescue my future/career, advised me to take a “deal” for the minimum consequences. ALL but ONE. Counselor Nash!
    We fought the Monterey County District Attorney’s office for two years! Counselor Nash assuaged my worries, explained the possible outcomes & allowed me to FIGHT like a dog, for the LAST BONE.
    Counselor Nash, “Beat them, like a rented MULE!” WE WON! He had the DA settle for reckless driving. This charge was likewise, UNFAIR/UNTRUE, however, will expire from my record soon.
    I now carry a 3.5 GPA and will graduate with a Bachelor in Science/Nursing & conduct job interviews with a fighting chance, for employment, at any hospital in the state.
    If you hire ANY other attorney, it’s a profound risk, in my humble estimation.